Digby Beaumont is an English artist. Much of his work is with portraiture, in which he looks to capture something of his subject’s inner world as well as a likeness. In 2021 he began a major mixed media series entitled, I Don’t Know What Came Over Me, a whimsical and poignant take on the theme of what it is to be human. Digby is self-taught. Before becoming an artist, he was a widely published writer.

Self-Portrait, 2020, acrylic on paper

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Digby has published numerous fiction and non-fiction works. His flash fiction and short stories have appeared in more than 100 journals, magazines and anthologies, including the international anthology, The Best Small Fictions. His collection of one-page stories, Dancing Alone and Other Lessons, was released in 2020. Previously, working as a textbook author, he published English language courses and grammar reference books, including international best sellers.

Praise for Dancing Alone and Other Lessons

“This collection showcases Digby Beaumont’s incredible talent for bringing a world, a story, and its people to life. Highly recommended.” — Kathy Fish, author of Wild Life: Collected Works from 2003-2018

“Insightful and urgent encounters of love and understanding. These are small moments of the human experience that open new spaces with each reading.” — Michelle Elvy, editor and manuscript assessor, author of the everrumble

“A masterpiece of what can become out of the short story.” — Susan Tepper, author of What Drives Men and The Merrill Diaries

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